Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2013


Cube² is a contemporary garden designed by TLC Design for inner urban areas where space is at a premium for people who love and value their garden space. Cube² is about reclaiming our diminishing garden space, returning an emphasis to planting and the personal relationship between people and their private open space. This is simply a beautiful space to sit outdoors and enjoy a meal with friends or family amidst a lush garden. It is first and foremost a social space consisting of a dining area and the spa area. The close connection of these two spaces is essential, allowing conversation between the two areas to take place and encouraging personal interaction. 

Our aim with Cube² is to feature common building materials (timber, timber offcuts, form ply etc), in a way that highlights their inherent beauty. The timber wall defines the space with its mass and contributes interest with its detailed design. Herb beds have been included in the walls surrounding the dining area to provide additional texture and visual interest. By having edible and aromatic plants at the level of diners creates an additional sensory engagement to the space. Bell Jars sit nearby as impromptu hothouses for the propagation of seedlings in early spring when temperatures are still too cold to plant out in the garden. 

Garden Sponsors

We would like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors and suppliers for their hard work and dedication. Cube2 would not have been a reality and certainly wouldn't have achieved the amazing results it did without their exceptional products. Please take the time to click on a logo and visit their website.